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R1+ Firmware V2 ¶ 

Arduino files for R1+ Firmware

Hex file for easy update with Matter Control

To update with Matter Control, go to, Controls > Firmware Update > Change > direct to the Hex file.

Fixed a potential bug where manually driving the Z axis down could travel below the build plate and miss align the Z axis.

Also added a way to print from the SD card with no computer attached.

To do this you simply add a robo.gcode to the SD card and place it in the printer. All the motors must be disengaged and the bed must be away from home. When the printer is on and idle, tap the X axis endstop once with your finger. Then you have 2 seconds to push the Y Axis bed back to home position. Once you do this the printer will start printing the robo.gcode on the SD card. If you did not preheat the printer it may take some time to actually start printing.

ROBO R1 (Original) Firmware 3.0 ¶ 

  • If you have the R1+ Plus, do not use this firmware. ****

Released 06/10/15


- Adjusted Max Bed Temp, Extruder Min Temp

- Confirmed Z Steps

- Changed the Printer Name

Firmware Download Link(s):


Arduino Files for firmware customization

Hex file for easy updating with Matter Control

Lead Screw Upgrade Firmware

Old ROBO R1 Firmware ¶ 

R1 Beta

R1 with Auto Level and 5/16 inch Rods

R1 with Auto Level and 8mm Rods

Flashing the firmware ¶ 

*Note* Arduino 1.6.10 is showing errors with compiling the firmware. Use 1.6.9

  1. Arduino is free to download at
  2. Please download and install the latest arduino software.
  3. Attached is the .zip file for the marlin auto level firmware.
  4. Download the file. You will need to extract the folder of the .zip file and put it to where your arduino software is looking for sketchbooks.
  5. To find out the file path for where arduino is looking for sketchbooks, open the arduino software
  6. Go to file, preferences, and see at the top of the window sketchbook location.
  7. Extract the .zip file and put the extracted folder into that sketchbook folder.

Steps to uploading the firmware (or flashing the arduino with the same firmware).

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the printer via USB cable. You can leave the power cord unplugged for this procedure.
  2. Do not connect repetier or any other software system to your printer.
  3. Open the arduino software.
  4. Under tools choose board and then arduino mega 2560
  5. Under tools choose serial port and choose the option associated with your printer (will probably be the only option, if not, unplug your printer and see which option goes away).
  6. Under file, choose sketchbook, and then choose marlin auto level.
  7. Now hit the upload button in the arduino software. This is the green arrow pointing to the right at the top of the arduino software window.
  8. When the firmware is finished uploading, the arduino software will say “Done uploading” at the bottom of the window.


hello i own a Robo 3d R1 plus and i'm having a issue with the Marlin firmware and the rep rap discount full graphic controller. i got the screen and controls working on the controller but the sd card reader is not working it says sd inserted but won't let me print from the sd but on the sd reader that comes stock with the printer it works just fine. Also the error is sd init fail could someone please help me.

Ben Rienks - Reply

Just bought my Robo3D R1 + last week but cannot get the new firmware to compile. Errors out every time I try. Anyone else having this problem with the newer firmware?

Jason Burns - Reply

Jason, there is a note above to use arduino 1.6.9 instead of the latest 1.6.10. If you are getting an error around struct fpos_t then you can also fix that easily by doing a global find and replace of fpos_t to filepos_t and it compiles just fine. Not sure what the arduino devs did to the latest build, but they broke something. This struct name change should not change how the firmware works. I tested this on the V2 for the R1+PLUS and the R1 3.0 versions of the firmware. Stop by the Robo community forum if you have more questions. We are always glad to help. I am danzca6 in the forum.

Dan -

I bought the reprap full graphics controller but cant figure out how to make it work. what do I need to do?


Hello: I just recently flashed the Mega 2560 and everything went well uploading the sketch and such. Tested out the controls and the extruder hot end doesn't heat up at all. It literally doesn't respond or hardly even move temperature. Any advise here?

Aron Katz - Reply

Nevermind, had a loose connection to the hot end thermistor, all good now

Aron Katz -


I just came here to get the Arduino file for my original R1 with auto bed level and the 5/16 rods. I downloaded and flashed the the code and it works great but now i see the is a file for "ROBO R1 (Original) Firmware 3.0" with new this a better file for me to use or are the feature updates not made for my early model printer? If i can use it how will it improve the porformance?

Thank You

Kirk - Reply

The instructions above are wrong, you cannot use 1.6.9 with this firmware as there is a construct that is incorrect and has never been fixed. You must use 1.6.8 or older. Or edit the source files to correct the construct.

As a side note the only difference between this version and V1 is the version number. Unless you have a specific reason to upload new firmware avoid doing so.

Phred - Reply

My ROBO 1+ stopped working- after leveling it just sits! ROBO sent me the advice above but what .zip file do I upload? I am on a MAC and the 1.6.9 is not an option on MAC. I am looking for "zip file for the marlin auto level firmware."

kammy0880 - Reply

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