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FAQ On RoBo 3D Products

What is the current lead time for a ROBO 3D printer?

Right now, the estimated lead time is about 2-3 weeks due to the large amount of backed up preorders. Once we catch up to these orders soon, we will be sending out products same day.

What is the print volume for ROBO 3D's R1 3D Printer?

ROBO 3D R1 3D Printer has a print volume of 10"L x 9"W x 8"H

How many extruders does the R1 ROBO 3D Printer have?

ROBO 3D R1 3D Printer is a single extrusion 3D printer. You can print support material in our software with the same material you use to print the objects. We have set it so it within the frameworks of our software to make it an easy breakaway solution.

What are the print resolution capabilities of the R1 ROBO 3D Printer?

ROBO 3D'S R1 3D Printer can print 100 micron resolution. Our standard settings in our software are 200 micron, or 0.2mm layer heights but simple changing this to 0.1mm manually will give you 100 micron resolution capabilities.

How do I estimate shipping to my country?

In order to estimate shipping to your country you must add the product to your cart on the web site. Visit your cart by clicking the cart tab in the top right corner. There will be a shipping estimator based on zip code and country to the left. It is carrier calculated shipping based on location so you will get a better idea of cost.

Please keep in mind that DUTIES AND TAXES will not be included in the shipping amount. You are responsible for your own duties and taxes according to your countries customs codes.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is additive manufacturing that takes computer models, and turns them into real, physical things. It takes plastic filament (PLA or ABS), melts it down into a thin layer onto a surface, moves up, and lays another layer on top - kind of like a hot glue gun affect. After layer upon layer, you are left with an an object that is very durable and long lasting.

What kind of plastic filament does this print with? PLA or ABS? Both?

The R1 3D Printer prints with PLA and ABS plastic as well as other materials for $799.

What diameter filament does it use?

ROBO uses 1.75mm diameter filament.

What kind of files do I need to begin printing?

.STL or .OBJ files are loaded into the ROBO 3D Software where you can begin printing with one click of a button.

What software does ROBO use?

We have recently partnered up with Matter Hackers and designed a customized version of Matter Control Software for the ROBO 3D R1 3D Printer to control and print our objects, Any open source 3d printing software is functional with ROBO also, such as pronterface and Repetier Host. You can download these programs for free off the internet.

What operating system do I need to run ROBO 3D desktop printer?

Currently, all up to date Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux machines work with ROBO 3D.

Can the ABS option print PLA as well?

Ys the ABS option prints both kinds of plastics. It comes with a heated bed all wired and ready to go to allow you to print with both plastics.

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