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  • Lift the X Axis carriage

  • Rotate the nut

  • Set the carriage back down

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Harrison Team RoBo 3D

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I tried this. The carriage for extruder now goes way up. Approx 4 - 5 inches from bed.

G28 ; home all axes

G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle

G1 Z0.5 ;Adjust Z offset

S[temperature] ; set the extruder temp and wait

G28 Z0 ; Home Z again in case there was filament on nozzle

M565 Z0

G92 Z0 ; Define new z home9 ; probe the bed

G29 ; Autocalibrate bed

Jack - Reply

I am having the same issue straight out of the box. Starts printing at 4-5" from bed and makes a bunch of funny noises. I am an engineer and this is my 4th 3D printer so I know to following instructions precisely. Solution?

blondeguy08 - Reply

For the most part it is fixed, I think. But now the print will stop half way through then stop. Answers?

Chris - Reply

I've been having the same problem with the print stopping - were you ever able to find a solution?

Craig -

Just an FYI, I was having the same issue and what fixed mine was adjusting the right hand limit switch. I was not making contact at all. Loosen the screw on the housing and squeeze the switch up to meet the carriage bracket, then test the homing again, if it works, tighten the screw back up and you should be good to go.

Curtis B - Reply

Great guide!

harry - Reply

I had this issue once. It was because of the position of the z-endstops.

Kevan Parang - Reply

Where is the Y-axis home position , trying to print from the SD instructions posted in Firmware.

Bill - Reply

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